A novel proprietary molecular technology platform


We aim to develop proprietary molecular detection technologies deploying ultra-rapid isothermal nucleic acid amplification that enable near-patient and at-home testing for infectious disease or genetic indications.

We are committed to producing diagnostic devices that will provide rapid sample to answer solutions where they are most needed.

We will accomplish this by developing products under the framework of a continually improved quality system:

  • That is compliant with regulatory requirements
  • By treating our customers, partners, and suppliers in a fair and ethical manner
  • Providing the necessary support to our staff so that they can undertake the tasks required of them.


Biocrucible’s technology can significantly improve the performance of many processes already currently in use throughout the life science and diagnostic industries, and we anticipate novel applications as well.

Molecular Diagnostics

Biocrucible is developing a class-leading molecular diagnostic platform based on its proprietary isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology that is ideally suited to consumer and developing-world applications.


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We work as a team to deliver extraordinary and disruptive innovation & technology that changes healthcare

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Each Other

We care: for each other, our customers and our partners

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Advanced testing capabilities

With multiple technologies for detection we have the right detection technology for each test and healthcare setting.